M3D gives support to institutions that seek to enhance their sustainability performance. We provide a broad understanding of the importance of ecological, financial, and social sustainability to organizational success. In today’s market it is important for a company to distinguish it’s self from others. M3D will steer your company in the sustainable market so that you can position your firm to stand out in the marketplace.
• Buying Policy Development

M3D works with your company to analyze your buying standards and help you develop a sustainable policy for your company on all levels.

• Project RFP Development

M3D works closely with our clients to find what they truly want and helps them develop a sustainability structure to the procurement decision; we identify clearly upfront the sustainability vision of our clients in their RFP process.

• CSR Policy Development

M3D works closely with our clients to help develop a CSR policy that truly works with their company vision and goals.

• Communication Management Consulting

M3D assesses the existing communication channels and finds the areas that need to be transformed for the implementation of any company’s vision. From analyzing and understanding existing company culture and vision to helping in the implementation of strategies.  We help identify and find solutions in competencies gap in your organization.

• Organizational Consulting

M3D assesses the condition and helps manage the process of implementing all organizational needs. From making the best use of all resources available by organizing them in the most logical and advantageous structural organization to addressing the overall operations of the company or focusing on specific aspects. M3D will attempt to identify strengths within the system while also uncovering any inherent weaknesses in the current operation of the corporation. After proper analysis of systems and policies we come up with a plan to improve the function of the corporation.