M3D’s Network Alliance is developed to optimize our services while filling and aiding in the achievement of our client’s vision.  M3D has researched and connected with companies that hold high ethics, expertise and customer service in their designated field. This collaboration is developed to share current information between the Network Alliance and to share current information with the public on M3D’s Blog.  There each company will share their experiences and expertise.  The following are part of this Alliance; please check their website links for more information on their services.

Global Environmental Consulting and Research:

 Consulting for Health, Air, Nature, & a Greener Environment, (CHANGE) LLC   a certified Veteran Owned Small Business (VOSB) is a highly regarded and globally recognized thought leader in the professional environmental consulting & research services industry that is setting new standards in expertise, proficiency, flexibility, and value.  They are a team of industry recognized experts, environmental scientists, field researchers, published authors, and consulting & research professionals from around the world.  Their top-tier experts work together in partnership with clients to solve their most pressing and important environmental issues.  CHANGE experts work closely with clients to deliver solutions quickly in a cost effective and highly professional way, and in doing so we create lasting relationships built on results, value, and trust.

Strategic Support Services for Clean Energy and Water Protection :

Trieste Associates, Inc. was formed in 1998 by its president, Marion Trieste, who created the consulting business after working for ten years on behalf of communities at risk from toxic waste. Prior to that she spent 10 years with the Sierra club working on issues ranging from Clean Air Act to Reauthorizing the nation’s Superfund law. After working on Hudson River projects Trieste Associates entered the renewable energy field in 2003 in the early days of wind farm development and renewable energy marketing. Marion understood that the key to solving today’s environmental and energy challenges is to actively engage the people most affected with those agencies, businesses and organizations involved in addressing the issue. Trieste Associates specializes in forming partnerships among various stakeholders affected by energy and environmental projects, and working to find mutually beneficial, cost effective solutions that protect human health and the environment in concert with responsible economic development.
Trieste Associates, is a certified Woman Owned Business based in Saratoga Springs, NY that provides high quality community education, media mobilization, and public relations for clean energy and environmental education campaigns. We provide customer-specific project teams to effectively and efficiently meet client needs, using a network of environmental, business, government, renewable energy, public relations and community relationships.

Material Reuse and Energy Conservation:

 GreenShield Consulting Group, LLC (GSCG) was founded in 2010 by President Jon Murphy. After seeing the amount of waste and inefficiency that goes on in the building industry, Mr. Murphy decided to start GSCG to combat this growing problem.  His intention was to facilitate the transfer of usable materials otherwise destined for the landfill to those who have direct use for or can repurpose them elsewhere. Contact GreenShield if you have building materials that are in new or usable condition, or are looking to purchase reclaimed materials for your building project.  In addition to offering insight into the reclaimed materials market, GSCG specializes in lowering buildings’ operating costs through sustainable solutions. Utilizing more efficient technologies during the construction process and implementing them into the building’s design can not only lower operating costs for the duration of your structure’s life cycle, but can also increase the indoor comfort level for its occupants. These changes do not have to significantly alter your building’s appearance and often times increase its structural integrity. GSCG works on residential and commercial projects, both new construction and retrofits, all throughout the country. They will lay out options that fit your budget and clearly define their environmental benefits, as well as the return on investment you can expect for each element.

Water Protection and Conservation:

At Trout Headwaters, Inc.  specializes in the creation, renewal and repair of rivers, streams, lakes and wetlands across the U.S. using a trademarked, sustainable process called Experience EcoBlu™.   Their customers are primarily private land owners, land developers, government and real estate brokers, who enjoy THI’s commitment to excellent two-way communication, high project efficiency levels, lower project costs, reduced project site disturbances, and lower maintenance requirements.  THI’s exclusive EcoBlu approach has allowed them to successfully blend the disciplines of engineering, hydrology, geomorphology, and ecology to reliably meet the complex demands associated with water-resource renewal and repair. The EcoBlu Experience leverages the latest and best science and technologies to deliver consistent, low-cost, sustainable solutions for wetlands, streams, rivers and lakes. THI uses leading-edge products and technologies to develop environmentally superior, aquatic restoration solutions to freshwater resource problems or opportunities. By continuously seeking, developing and applying the best tools, their firm is able to set the standard in the areas of biotechnical stabilization, sustainable restoration and adaptive management of aquatic ecosystems.

Research, Results, Resolution:

Sacoda Serv International (SSI) is a research company whose principals have over a century in socio-economic, market research, medical research, academia, non-profit, and project management. Sacoda provides a comprehensive range of qualitative and quantitative research services. They tailor each and every project to suit the specific needs for their clients, offering services from traditional one-to-one and central location interviewing, to new online research methodologies. They have designed and implemented surveys on a wide range of topics for both the private and public entities. Sacoda Serv’s team is experienced in the areas of market research, academic research, public sector, non-profit, and statistical consulting. This experience covers both theoretical and applied research. It also supervises all of its research personnel and has the capacity to manage and administer the myriad skills and services from field data collectors to supervisors, and other project support personnel, to professional and administrative staff. They also have the capacity to conduct field data collection, focus groups, depth interviews, and product testing in  North America and the Caribbean Basin. The team assists clients from the time the idea is generated until a final report is prepared. This includes the development of the concept, secondary research required to complete the proposal, analysis of the economic, market, or other environmental conditions, and the preparation of the survey brief.  Subsequently, the methodology is implemented and a final report is prepared.

Transportation & Sustainability Policy :

ZAMURS AND ASSOCIATES, LLC is a newly formed company specializing in transportation air quality, energy, climate change and sustainability matters. Founded in January 2012 by John Zamurs, Ph.D. after serving the New York State Department of Transportation for over 32 years, ZAMURS AND ASSOCIATES, LLC provides expertise in air quality, energy, climate change and sustainability issues ranging from local, project-level through regional, statewide, national and global scales. John capped his career at NYSDOT as the Head of the Air Quality Energy and Climate Section in the Office of Environment and, finally, as head of the Sustainability and Climate Change Section in the Policy and Planning Division at NYSDOT. During his tenure at NYSDOT, he was the Department’s expert on all air quality matters, and, as climate change (both mitigation and adaptation) and energy issues became increasingly important, he was regarded as NYSDOT’s expert on these issues also. He was the principal author for the transportation chapters in recent New York State Energy Plans. John also supervised GreenLITES, NYSDOT’s award-wining sustainability initiative. For the past 11 years, John chaired the AASHTO SCOE Air Quality, Energy and Climate Change Subcommittee. He also was a member of the NASTO Air Quality, Energy and Climate Change Committee.

Energy & Sustainability Environments :

Bright Energy Services , a division of All HVAC Service Company, Inc. is an award-winning environmental consulting firm. Their consulting services span a wide range of disciplines and focuses on providing owners and managers of commercial, industrial, and institutional buildings environmental improvements with the concentration on clean energy  upgrades, general energy upgrades and load reduction, compliance and securing governmental and utility financial incentives. Their firm is built around a resourceful team experienced in all areas of energy efficiency and green building. Their team is comprised of licensed professional engineers, USGBC LEED Accredited Professionals, BPI Certified Building Analysts, HVTDC Certified Sustainability Managers, and AEE Certified Energy Managers (CEM).  Their clients include real estate developers/owners/management firms, local governments, K-12 schools, universities, healthcare providers, recreational facilities, manufacturing firms, warehouse and distribution firms, hospitality / restaurants, and architectural firms.