" Sustainability should be second nature to our business practices and intent. " M3D strives to help others achieve this goal. That's our vocation and our expertise.

M3D Consulting – Our Story, Our Brand and Our Vision

M3D Consulting is proud to be recognized by Citi and the Queens Economic Development Corporation as an up and coming business in Queens, NY.  M3D won in the category of “Innovative Business” and has proven our expertise and knowledge in our subject and our business.

Here is our story, this company was founded and built by Ms. Maya Jaber Camou.  Ms. Camou is an immigrant that escaped a war torn Lebanon at the age of 7.  She has lived and worked in NYC most of her adult life, taking a short leave to get her Masters Degree in Design Management in the UK.  She has over 15 years experience in the design, management and the built environment.  She is a mother of three boys and has a new baby she is cultivating in M3D Consulting.

environmental exposures can increase chronic disease riskAs the founder and principal of this emerging company, Maya Camou, sees the necessity of Sustainability and how economy, the built environment and business are the main culprits of the damage to our health and environment. Ms. Camou for years has been analyzing the need for change and looking to where would be the most beneficial and expediting road for the change that is needed.  Through that analysis she has found that it is in our business practices, our built environment and our land development is where the need for change to accelerate the Sustainability movement.  She has been consulting and educating others on the subject since 2008. In these past years, she saw that she could reach a larger group of people and have a broader influence with a company behind her.  In 2012 she made her consultancy M3D Consulting LLC official. 

Established in 2012, M3D Consulting LLC has a vision of sustainability and believes that all our practices can be made to follow that path. With the motto “Sustainability should be second nature to our business practices and intent” this company was created to find creative solutions to help others achieve this vision. Our Philosophy is imbedded in education, our belief that in educating our clients, our industry, our community and our children this change will become part of our culture and our future. From our CSR policy to our practice we make sure all our clients are educated on the topic to be able to understand the How, the Why and the Implementation of Sustainability on all levels. M3D Consulting is a green/sustainability management and policy consulting firm serving both profit and non-profit markets. Our business works with individuals, non-profits, as well as small and medium-sized companies, to help them identify opportunities for incorporating environmental sustainability into their everyday lives and business practices.

In order to push the market and excel the Sustainability picture we have to look at all aspects of business and the built environment to see where would be the best areas to plant the seed of change.  We work with our clients as partners and representatives, looking at the big piece of the puzzle and seeing how all pieces fit then proving that things can be done. To benefit our clients and the environment we look to take advantage of tax incentives, sustainable offerings of non-profit organizations and credits from energy companies. Consumers and businesses are actively seeking opportunities to engage in environmentally sustainable behavior and we help guide them in the process. Working with government agencies to look at policy and out of the box thinking for local municipalities to the implantation of sustainable initiatives; Working with green non-profit organizations from help them develop their message, connecting them together and finding programs to help them become more sustainable on all levels; Working with building owners and developers to engaging in environmentally responsible land and project development.  Those interested in going green have a seemingly endless (and sometimes confusing) list of options to choose from and are not sure where to start.  M3D Consulting LLC is that partner that would not only be there to do one job but is there to understand all aspects of our clients business so we can truly guide them down the path that is right for them, their company and their bottom line.

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