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Eco Thinking: Sustainability Value Mapping for Companies


More companies are pursuing sustainability based business strategies to be more competitive. MIT Sloan Management Review Research report ” Sustainability Nears  tipping point” (click on link to down load the report for free) winter 2012 indicates that sustainability is gaining ground.  Research shows that about two-thirds of the nearly 3,000 executives surveyed from the commercial sector said that sustainability was necessary to being competitive in today’s market. And nearly one-third said that sustainability activities contributed to profitability. The research also shows that 70% of executives surveyed by the third annual Sustainability & Innovation Global Executive Study conducted jointly by The Boston Consulting Group and MIT Sloan Management Review said that their companies have made sustainability a permanent fixture on the management agenda. These and other findings, their implications for companies and lessons for managers are detailed in this research report published in MIT Sloan Management Review.

This study provides evidence that an increasing number of companies are taking sustainable business practices seriously even when the business case for such practices isn’t yet obvious. It also reveals that many companies are making striking commitments to sustainability and some are already seeing profits emerging as a result.

As companies start to look at how to deal with competition they are positioning themselves in terms of sustainability and seeing that it is more important to find a way to leverage sustainability initiatives for true business growth. Sustainability Value Mapping helps companies understand the big picture while adding brand equities and market shares.

Sustainability Value Mapping looks at a company’s Market Values (customer & consumer needs) and Scientific Innovation (product, process & supply chain).  Market Values consist of understanding commercial customers, government purchasing & incentives, consumer segmentation, new market and industry verticals.  Scientific Innovation consists of understanding life cycle thinking, product improvements, supply chain initiatives, corporate actions and process efficiency. Comprehending how these two values effect a company is where the Sustainability Value Mapping comes in to create Opportunities. It is a process that helps companies meet today’s challenges in using sustainability as a way to leverage their business growth.  This is done by identifying what consumers and customers value and are looking for in their purchasing, It helps meet those unmet market needs.  It also allows companies to strategically position its products and stay ahead of the compotation.  Sustainability Value Mapping helps companies prioritize their opportunities, what messages to go to market with and what area’s they can focus their innovation around.